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Latest from Internet, IT & e-Discovery Blog - Page 2 reported that “We were using email in the 1970s, and we’ll still be using it in the 2070s.”  The March 17, 2021 article entitled “Email is for yesterday, today, and tomorrow” included these comments: People are still telling me that email is obsolete, that it can be replaced by SlackTeams, or Google Chat. Some folks swear they can do more over instant messaging.  Or, even better, some proclaim… reported about the Kaspersky “IT security economics part 4: managing your IT security team” that “52% of enterprises have a dedicated IT Security department while some further diversified the workforce – 20% have an internal security operations center and 14% employ a special malware analysis team.”  The March 9, 2021 report entitled “48% of Security Pros Prohibited From Intelligence-Sharing” included these key findings: High workloads (41% overall and 46% in… reported that about a study which “…highlighted major concerns for the virtual workforce, with 52% of respondents stating that identity-specific threats are keeping them up at night. For a workforce that is both remote and distributed, decision-makers expressed concern over malicious actors impersonating employees, alongside instances of inappropriate access to sensitive information.” The March 9, 2021 article entitled “A great deal of employees have inappropriate access to sensitive data” included these details:… reported that there was about “370 million in known 2020 ransomware profits – via ransoms that got paid – which represents a 336% increase over known 2019 earnings…. Ransomware dominated the online-enabled crime landscape in 2020, some security experts say, thanks to the massive profits it’s been generating and the relative ease of use for attackers – including support from a burgeoning cybercrime-as-a-service market.”  The March 5, 2021 article entitled “Mark of Ransomware’s
My good friend Judy Greenwald at reported that Aon PLC stated that “Policyholders can expect 20% to 50% rate increases for cyber coverage throughout 2021 as trends that began last year continue at an accelerated pace,…”  The March 4, 2021 report entitled “Cyber insurance rates to increase 20-50% this year: Aon” included these comments from Aon: To maintain a commitment to long-term stable cyber capacity, insurers are reviewing areas in their portfolio… reported that “Conspicuously missing from the panel was Amazon Web Services (AWS), which declined the Senate’s invitation to testify — a snub that appeared to rile several senators on the committee. Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., pointed out that the attack was waged inside the US, and some secondary command-and-control nodes were hosted on AWS’s infrastructure.”  The February 23, 2021 article entitled “SolarWinds Attackers Lurked for ‘Several Months’ in FireEye’s Network” included these… reported that “Smaller firms were hit the hardest (26% of small business fraud had a tie to the virus, as opposed to only 17% for larger companies). Presumably, their potential payouts previously fell below the radar of criminals who now, with the development of greater automation and a backdrop of expanded vulnerabilities, have broadened their sights to include targets of all sizes.” The February 19, 2021 report entitled “Business email compromise is a
In February 2016 I blogged about “Great news for eCommerce! Congress passes Permanent Ban on Internet Taxes!” but the Washington Post reported “Top lobbying groups backed by Amazon, Facebook, Google and other technology giants sued Maryland on Thursday, seeking to scuttle a new state tax on their massive online-advertising revenue — and stop other local governments from following its lead.”  The February 18, 2021 article entitled “Silicon Valley-backed groups sue Maryland to
The reported that “Collin County ranked No. 3 in the U.S. for attracting and developing talent, according to Emsi’s 2020 Talent Attraction Scorecard. Dallas County ranked 555th, in large part because so many workers migrated out of the county — with the largest number going to Collin.”  The February 12, 2021 report entitled “Dallas County’s talent problem: Collin, Denton and others are poaching workers” included these comments from Drew Repp (content…
NIST issued NISTIR 8323 since “It seeks to protect the national and economic security of the United States from the disruption or manipulation of systems that form or use PNT data and information vital to the functioning of U.S. critical infrastructure and technology-based industries.”  The February 2021 report entitled “Foundational PNT Profile: Applying the Cybersecurity Framework for the Responsible Use of Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) Services” was issued based on Executive Order