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The breach of the Capitol building this week was both shocking and scary, but what is clear from the pictures that are emerging is that it was not only the physical structure that was violated that day. What we have seen since Wednesday is that the MAGA rioters were able to not only able to break into the offices of congresspeople, but they were able to remain there long enough to snap pictures of themselves…
Critical Threat Discovered A hardcoded, admin-level backdoor vulnerability (CVE-2020-29583) has been found in over 1000,000 Zyxel firewalls, VPN gateways, and access point controllers.  Discovered by Eye Control researchers, these backdoor accounts can allow bad actors to access your information either via the web administration panel or the SSH interface This flaw is so vulnerable, in fact, that it is cited as one of the worst types of vulnerabilities for software or applications to even exist,…
With time going by and no real response from the White House regarding the SolarWinds breach, it can be pretty easy to forget about it and move on to the next media cycle.  Because that’s what we tend to do here in the US. However, doing that is just NOT a good idea in this … SolarWinds Breach: Did We Learn Our Lesson Yet? Read More » The post SolarWinds Breach: Did We Learn Our
It’s true that the current administration does not appear to be reacting to the massive CozyBear cyber breach it fell victim to this year, but fortunately, it appears that somebody is doing something. Who is that somebody? This little company you may have heard of before; it’s called “Microsoft.”  And if there was ever a … New Cyber Superhero? Microsoft Flexes its Cyber Muscles Read More » The post New Cyber Superhero? Microsoft Flexes its
We have been reporting for quite a while now that the cyber security within the US government, in general, is just NOT up to par.  The recent breach we have discussed over the last week or so really highlighted that fact.  It was well-known even before this Russian cyberattack but not much has really been … US Government’s Cyber Security is a Global Embarrassment Read More » The post US Government’s Cyber Security is a
The DoD will begin including CMMC cyber security requirements in select solicitations beginning in 2021. Are you ready? It’s really not surprising that the DoD is concerned, especially if you have been following along with our last few blog posts about the massive breach that has compromised major US Governmental departments. As you probably know, … DoD Gets Ready for First CMMC Audits Read More » The post DoD Gets Ready for First CMMC Audits
Everyday, the information we learn about the FireEye hack just keeps getting increasingly worse. Last week we wrote about the hack occuring; yesterday we reported that not only was FireEye impacted, but the US government was, as well… Along with businesses and other governments across the globe; and today, we are starting to understand the … The Hack that Keeps on Hacking Read More » The post The Hack that Keeps on Hacking appeared first…
We wrote last week about the irony of FireEye being successfully infiltrated by hackers, and we cut them some slack because we realized that the attack was highly sophisticated…  FireEye is a $3.5 billion Cyber Security firm that has some big and important clients, like the US government, and though Russia is saying that the … Russian Attack on Cyber Security Firm Impacts US Government Read More » The post Russian Attack on Cyber Security
Well, isn’t that ironic? It’s not a good look… You peddle in protecting businesses from cyber attacks, only to fall victim to a successful cyber crime, yourself. But to be completely fair, this was a highly sophisticated and systematic attack (payback, perhaps?  That’s pure speculation, by the way!) by what appears to be a concentrated … Cybersecurity Firm Hacked Read More » The post Cybersecurity Firm Hacked appeared first on Petronella Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics
GoDaddy employees were the target of a sophisticated (and successful) cyber attack… Again. GoDaddy is THE biggest domain registry across the globe.  In this scam, hackers were able to lure GoDaddy employees into transferring control and/or ownership of specific domains over to them, closely mimicking a ploy conducted in March, in which bad actors used … GoDaddy Employees Tricked ONCE AGAIN Read More » The post GoDaddy Employees Tricked ONCE AGAIN appeared first on Petronella