Purchasing a website can be challenging. Your website is how you present yourself to the world, and is often the way you hope to attract business.

LexBlog is a blogging-first company, which means we think you can accomplish everything you need to accomplish online with a blog. While this is great for us, we also realize that professionals still need websites. So, we kicked around some ideas and came up with a simple website philosophy:

  • Websites should be well-designed and professional
  • Websites should give you everything you need to succeed
  • Websites should not be overly elaborate
  • Websites should be search engine optimized
  • Websites should we well-maintained on a solid platform that is regularly updated
  • Websites should not break the bank

With this in mind we start building and designing on our platform, and now offer websites that fit this philosophy. They are perfect for individual lawyers, and small firms that need a web presence.

Why are they effective? Because we stress 3 principals.

  1. Language that is brief and informal
  2. Intuitive navigation
  3. A focus on a Call to Action

By stressing these 3 principals above all other things, we limit the number of decisions needed to get your website going and allow you to keep focused on accomplishing your goals.

If you agree with our philosophy, we would love to help you get your website online.