Will it look better at 1/3 less?

Neural translation (NT) is showing great promise as a baseline tool for high-volume content translation. Compared to (statistical) machine translation, Neural offers better comprehension and readability right out of the box.

Few would argue that the quality of Neural translation is good enough to publish as is. But what if a human post-edit is added? And not just a light post-edit (our level 3 of quality), but a full human post-edit (level 4)?

Would you, as a high-volume content publisher, use this process for final distribution in certain markets? What if it cost 33% less than a full human translation? Would you use it then?

These are the issues and opportunities being examined by many of our clients. Here’s some food for thought:

  • Most everyone would agree that (statistical) machine translation by itself is not sufficient for publishing. It even strains basic comprehension in many cases.
  • Adding a light or even a full human post-edit can improve output, but accuracy is far from guaranteed.
  • Neural translation relies on artificial intelligence to translate concepts, phrases, and sentences versus single words, so readability and comprehension are significantly improved. This makes it much easier to do a human post-edit.
  • Post-editing a neural translation therefore takes less time. It’s likely to be no less accurate. And it’s an easier process for a translator. So, it costs less.

Here is an example of the potential savings:

Full Human Translation
  • 1 File (300 words) human-translated into 1 language: $90
  • Cost for 6 languages $540
  • X 40 files per month (10 per week): $21,600
  • X 12 months: $259,200
Neural Translation Plus Full Post-Edit
  • 1 File, neural-translated into 1 language >$1
  • + Full human post-edit of neural translation $59
  • Cost for 6 languages $360
  • X 40 files per month (10 per week): $14,400
  • X 12 months $172,800

Annual Savings: $86,400
Percent Savings: 33%

A Practical Application

The best way to test the savings possible with Neural translation plus a full human post-edit may be to offer it to your internal translators. Could they process more content quicker, and with less frustration, if they were supplied with an NT + FPE translation to start? Is this an enormous time savings? Or do they end up checking the source material so often it’s not worth it?

We don’t prejudge the outcome for our clients. But at approximately 33% less, it may certainly be worth the test.

That’s why we’re offering to help you test it for yourself. You can submit a 3-page sample of your typical content and we’ll Neural-translate and full post-edit it, for free! Compare it to a full human edit to see if there’s much difference. Just click below to get started.

Finally, whatever your quality needs or desired process, we’re here to support you. NT + FPE is just one of our many solution options.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Linguistic Systems uses a combination of advanced proprietary technology and 7,500 skilled, certified translators to deliver high-quality translations in 120+ languages. With 50+ years and billions of words of experience serving 25,000 clients, including many Fortune 100 and AmLaw100 firms, you can trust us with your must-win foreign language translation projects.