LexBlog started with a simple idea. Lawyers need to write online.

What started out simple has grown to a platform that includes lawyers and legal professionals who recognize the power of publishing.

They have made LexBlog more than just a publishing platform. They have made it the gathering place for the best legal minds on the web. Bringing together ideas and opinions you won’t find anywhere else.

We power the blogs of more than 15,000 legal bloggers and over half of the nearly 1,000 blogs produced by the United States’ top 200 law firms.

Here is what they have to say about us.

The LexBlog team rapidly generated an initial site based on my specific needs. Then, they worked with me closely, testing various customizations. The LexBlog interface is easy to use, allowing me to update and add content on demand. Beyond great technology, it has truly been a pleasure to work with the wonderful people at LexBlog.

–Daniel W. Linna Jr., Professor of Law in Residence and the Director of LegalRnD – The Center for Legal Services Innovation at Michigan State University College of Law

I’ve worked with LexBlog for almost 10 years. I have come to them each and every time I needed help with developing a blog—I know that I can partner with them. They get and understand it.

–Jacqueline Madarang, Senior Marketing Technology Manager, Bradley

If you look at the value of business generation from clients whose initial contact came from the blog—including repeat business—that number is in the high seven figures. LexBlog has given me a lot of opportunity for business I wouldn’t have otherwise had.

–R. David Donoghue, Patent Trial Attorney and Partner, Holland & Knight

LexBlog hosts our 30 blogs, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.They’re the best and at the top of their game.

–Vickie Spang, CMO, Sheppard Mullin

…the publicity within the LexBlog community really works.

–Dan Harris, China Lawyer and Partner, Harris Bricken