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Why LexBlog?

LexBlog seeks to build the world’s largest and most comprehensive legal news and information network by drawing on the wealth of content created by legal bloggers worldwide.

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Our Beliefs

Our History

In 2004, a trial lawyer of 16 years turned tech entrepreneur, Kevin O’Keefe, voiced the idea that lawyers should have blogs.

He believed that by leveraging this new technology, lawyers could build a name for themselves in a way that had never existed previously. Inspired by this vision, O’Keefe started LexBlog out of his garage by building blogs for lawyers.

As LexBlog grew from a small startup to a reputable brand in the legal industry, the company developed SaaS technology to power blogs that fulfilled their client’s needs, including RSS, SEO, and social media tools.

But something beyond technology solidified LexBlog’s reputation as a worldwide publishing network – the company’s unwavering focus on cultivating an empowering environment that highlights the hard work of the bright minds within the legal industry.

Today, LexBlog has over 25,000 bloggers within its network, including over half of the nearly 1,000 blogs from the United States’ top 200 law firms. But more importantly, LexBlog devotes itself to empowering a global network built around the company’s mission to provide real-time news and insights powered by the legal community.

With their aggregation and syndication of news and commentary from thousands of legal thinkers, LexBlog is more than a publishing solution for lawyers, it is a launching pad for a community that is passionate about exchanging ideas, sharing opportunities, and making the law more accessible to all.

Our Team

LexBlog's Mission, Vision & Core Values

Our Mission

The mission of LexBlog, Inc. is to connect lawyers to people, for good.

Our Vision

Become world’s largest legal publisher

Value: Care

We care for others on our team and for those we are honored to serve.

Value: Competition

We achieve a level of professional excellence in all we do, individually and as an organization.

Value: Ownership

We define the work required to be done in our role and own it going forward.

Value: Engagement

We engage others online and offline to learn, build trust, build relationships.

Value: Fun

Care, competition, professional excellence and fun are not mutually exclusive – they run hand in hand.

Value: Fitness

Physical and mental fitness enable us to live these values and achieve our personal & professional goals.

Value: We dream big dreams

No one will tell us it’s impossible.

At LexBlog, we believe in “110% service”, which means that at every stage we work with you, we give you more than you expect and more than you pay for.

We back this up with our guarantee, unprecedented in the industry. If you are dissatisfied with our service or your business development success from blogging after one year, we will return any portion of the fees paid that you feel is fair.