Recently LexBlog opened its doors for all bloggers to join our network, as the first major step towards becoming the world’s largest legal news and commentary site. Any blog with an RSS feed is welcome to join, at no cost, and without regard to whether you are a LexBlog customer.

Here are the most recent additions to the Network.

CasePEER: CasePEER set out to build a comprehensive practice management solution for personal injury attorneys. Their software as a service is designed from top to bottom with plaintiff’s lawyers in mind, and they blog about best practices, data security, and case management solutions. You can follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

Recent post – How Personal Injury Firms Should Handle Negative Reviews: Whether it’s choosing a restaurant, a computer, or an attorney, today’s consumers depend on customer reviews to help them make decisions. This is especially true for personal injury law firms. Is your law firm spending money on marketing every month? What are you doing to protect your online reputation – and your investment? Read more.

The Relativity Blog: Relativity is a complete, connected e-Discovery software used by organizations around the globe to review and analyze data around litigation, investigations, government requests, and more. Their blog is a valuable source for new lessons on e-discovery and the technology that powers it. You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Recent post – GDPR Week One: Fine Fears and the First Complaints: After years of a laborious and, at times, controversial process, Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect a week ago today. The regulation brings significant new requirements for data privacy and data protection to organizations far beyond Europe—including businesses in the United States. Now what? Read more.

Attorney With A Life: Published by Allison Wolf, “Attorney With A Life” emerged from her coaching practice and years of working in law firms. They bring together a team of lawyers, coaches, consultants, counsellors, and other professionals collaborating to bring valuable information and insights to you through one shared channel.

Recent post – The Trap of Being Smart: The other day at the end of yoga class, the instructor prompted, “let your brain be passive” as we were getting into relaxation pose. After an initial feeling of discomfort and confusion about the request, I was able let go and let my mind drift away. This action allowed me to refresh and rejuvenate for all the active brain pursuits I regularly have as a lawyer. Read more.

Every Day I’m Lawyering: Published by Kevin K. Peek, an attorney in St. Louis, Missouri who devotes most of his practice to the areas of medical malpractice defense and intellectual property. He also handles cases and matters in other legal fields, including: insurance defense, personal injury, family law, wills and estates, adult and minor guardianships, criminal law, traffic, and collections. You can follow him on Twitter.

Recent post – Protecting Pedestrians – Self-Driving Vehicle Safety and LiabilityScience fiction author Isaac Asimov penned this rule as the first of his Three Laws of Robotics in the 1940s.  While both the concept and actual potential of robots has vastly changed since Mr. Asimov’s time, the above law is essential to today’s growing range of artificially intelligent devices.  Thanks to extraordinary advances in science and technology by those of incredible intelligence, robotics is slowly surpassing the science fiction realm.  Though we must live without Rosie the robot maid from The Jetsons, we do have Roombas and other smart vacuums to clean our homes without our supervision.  On the larger commercial scale, the recent news-makers are autonomous vehicles. Read more.

Whitman Legal Solutions Blog: Founded by Elizabeth A. Whitman, Whitman Legal Solutions focuses on business, commercial real estate, and securities law. The blog draws from Whitman’s background in and passion for classical music to illustrate creative solutions for legal challenges experienced by businesses and real estate investors. Follow her on Twitter, and Linkedin.

Recent post – Practicing Scales and Signing and Delivering Contracts: One of the drudgeries of learning to play an instrument is practicing scales and arpeggios. For a violinist, the popular scale book by Carl Flesch[1] is almost 150 pages long. Flesch’s book includes 12 variations, encompassing five pages, for each major and minor key. Famous violin pedagogue Ivan Galamian[2] put together a two-volume scale set. In addition to scales and arpeggios, Galamian’s book includes rhythm and bowing variations for each scale. Read more.