This week, the World Economic Forum announced Casetext is on their annual list of 2018 Technology Pioneers. The Technology Pioneers are a cohort of 61 early-stage companies from around the world that are pioneering new technologies and innovations. We are proud to be mentioned alongside our fellow award recipients who are driving innovation from all over the world.

Our fellow Technology Pioneers are tackling everything from blockchain for voting, A.I. for drug discovery, city-scale augmented reality and food-production improvement. As you most likely know, we are tackling another area with a ton of potential for improvement: legal practice.

Casetext is honored to be named a 2018 Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum, who understands our mission and believes in our approach to innovating #legalresearch Click to Tweet

Traditional sources of legal information are expensive and inefficient. They often charge high fees for access to the text of the law itself, and the technology they rely on has not substantially evolved for decades. For lawyers, this means uncertainty about the quality of the information they rely on for their clients, losing money on time spent researching, and tedious, time-consuming work. On top of that, it means access to legal services is inhibited by the high price of attorneys fees (made higher by cost of legal research) and by severely restricted access to the law itself.

We’ve flipped that outdated, inefficient model with a few key innovations:

  1. We do not charge for access to the law.
  2. We’re introducing unprecedented efficiency to legal research through our AI-powered technology, CARA, which helps litigators jump-start their research by taking the context of their work into account.
  3. We rely on data science — rather than an army of human editors — to surface useful information to researchers (for example, our case summaries, which we harvest directly from the language of the judiciary rather than from an anonymous editor).
  4. We offer an unlimited-use subscription for our premium features, so that attorneys who use Casetext are free to run as many searches and click on as many documents as they like. Unlike legacy tools which charge per document, we do not disincentivize attorneys from taking a “leave no stone unturned” approach to searching for information that could help their clients.

Our goal is to make legal information more accessible. Our approach is empowering attorneys to do their best work representing their clients — and, we believe, will ultimately lower the cost of legal representation by eliminating time and money attorneys spend on legal research, allowing them to take on more clients at a lower price. We’re honored that the World Economic Forum understands our mission and believes in our approach, and we’re looking forward to working with our fellow Technology Pioneers to drive continued innovation.