In December, California testing lab, Sequoia Analytical Labs, surrendered its license after it came to light that test results were being falsified.  The fraud was uncovered during a surprise inspection by regulators. Allegedly due to faulty equipment, product batches were not being tested for 22 out of 66 pesticides.  The lab director chose to falsify the reports and cover up the lack of testing.  This went on for 5 months. The director was fired. The product distributors who had batches of product tested at Sequoia during the relevant time period were required to recall their products and either retest them or destroy them. By the time the recall was implemented, it was likely that most of the untested products had already been consumed. As of the date of this writing, Sequoia’s license remains surrendered.

The take away? Don’t lie to the public, the regulators, or your business partners.