One of the misconceptions many workers have is that the Connecticut Workers’ Compensation system requires a worker to undergo treatment for workplace injuries from a company specified doctor only. However, this is not the whole truth. Are you able to pick your own medical provider? The quick answer is ‘maybe’. While you are often times able to select your own physician to treat your work injury, there are occasions where your employer has a “medical care plan” in place. This is a pre-approved network of doctors your employer has agreed to pay for in case you get hurt while working in Connecticut. The managed care plan information should be available from your HR department and will provide you with doctors to choose from in many specialties. If your employer has a Connecticut “managed Care Plan” then you will be required to seek treatment from a doctor from this list If the employer has not fulfilled the above-described conditions, you can choose your own doctor in Connecticut immediately following your injury. Regardless of injury, your employer may also mandate the need for a physical exam by a specified physician, under Connecticut General Statute Section 31-294f. If you have questions about any of this, feel free to contact us in Farmington at 860-523-8783.

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