If you are thinking of starting a career as a court reporter or, called otherwise, a stenographer, there should be certain things that must be clear to you just from the outset. In the beginning, it may seem that court reporting is the fastest and easiest way to earn a good income.

However, this profession requires certain traits that you must either have or develop. Once you are sure that you have those qualities, you can think of getting education, certification and entering the job market. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the challenges a court reporter may face in his or her career. Before you even apply to a program, go through them and see if you have the courage and willingness to overcome them.

Qualities a Court Reporter Should Have

Court reporting is a highly specialized profession. To be a good court reporter, you must possess certain qualities and skills. After all, these qualities will determine whether you will do good at your job and get job offers in the market. Here are some of the traits:

1. Attention to detail: your clients expect to see a highly accurate transcript at the end of the work. If you are someone that loves to look at the bigger picture without noticing the small things, court reporting is not for you. Every comma, every typo will give you a plus or a minus with your employer.

 2. Confidentiality: court reporting is as serious as any other court job. You are not expected to talk about what’s going on at the hearing or other proceedings. Confidentiality is your professional duty.

3. Punctuality: you may think, ah, this one is easy. For some people, punctuality is hard as hell! If you are one of them, forget about court reporting.

4. Time management: if you are someone who loves to leave everything to the last moment, forget about court reporting. It takes hours and hours of work and requires excellent time management skills.

I may continue with this list, but think it yourself. Am I the person to do court reporting all my life and still be satisfied with what I do? If the answer is yes, go on reading this article.


Here you will learn how to listen to live speech, understand each spoken work, take down what is said and create a record of the proceeding. It goes without saying that any stenographer must learn to type fast. A good stenographer must be able to take at least 225 words per minute. Don’t start panicking! You will learn the shorthand code that will let you record every spoken word. In addition, you will learn vocabulary, legal terminology, keyboarding skills, computer skills, and proofreading.


After school training, most court reporters must pass a certification test. Certification requirements are different in different states so make sure to consult the requirements of the state where you are going to apply. The test typically includes written and performance issues, typing speed, proofreading, terminology and more.

Job Market

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