Authoring some of the most widely read content on LexBlog is no small feat; our network of 22,000 legal bloggers (and growing) brings in about 200 blog posts daily, adding up to almost 6000 new posts every month. That is why starting today, in an effort to recognize the incredible work of those contributing to our network, LexBlog is issuing monthly “Reader’s Choice Awards” to three LexBloggers.

The criteria is simple; the bloggers who authored the most trafficked blog posts during the specified month will receive the award. Their blog page on LexBlog will also receive an official emblem that will link to the winning post.

You can read the three pieces below and share your kudos to the winners over social media. Congratulations to May’s winners!

FTC v. Qualcomm: Part One–Where is Denzel? By David Long of Essential Patent Blog

David Long is a globally recognized thought leader on standard essential patents. His winning post is the first in a series following the FTC v. Qualcomm case that, for months, has raised concerns about long-established industry licensing practices and national security concerns. Long sets the stage in this post to help readers better understand U.S. innovation law and why they should be paying close attention to the case. David Long’s Twitter and LinkedIn. 

Memorable quote: “Sure: We could and would have standards without valuable innovations, but would we want them?  East Germans had cars—the Trabant—but the superior cars that the world wanted to drive were on the other side of the wall developed in a system that rewarded the risk takers and investors in innovation.”

Wolters Kluwer Malware Update: RBSource and M & A Clause Analytics Back Online Tomorrow At 10 am est. By Jean O’Grady of Dewey B Strategic

There are few, if any, in the world of legal librarians who do not know of Jean O’Grady. She has over 30 years of experience developing strategic information initiatives for Am Law 100 firms, is a frequent author and speaker on the transformation of libraries and the legal publishing industry, and has written provocative pieces on a variety of publishing and technology issues. She was one of the first to follow Wolters Kluwer cyberattack earlier this month and provided timely updates and commentary on the issue. Jean O’ Grady’s Twitter and LinkedIn.

Memorable quote: “My own experience makes me suspect that the IT and Security teams have been working around the clock – there are likely some very tired executives hunkered down in a conference room with a temporary communication system (personal cell phones and personal email accounts) reassembling the pieces of a complex organization.”

FBI Flash: Ryuk Ransomware Continues to Attack U.S. Businesses By Linn Foster Freedman of Data Privacy + Security Insider

Linn Foster Freedman chair’s Robinson & Cole LLP’s Data Privacy and Security Team and is one of their team’s most prolific bloggers, consistently reporting on state and federal data privacy and security investigations, as well as HIPPA compliance. Her winning post details a ransomware attack that hit more than 100 U.S. companies since August 2018. Linn Foster Freedman’s LinkedIn.

Memorable quote: “The attackers….do not tell the victim how much ransomware is needed until the victim contacts them via email. Only then do they say how much bitcoin is necessary and provide a specific Bitcoin wallet where the payment is to be made and provides a sample decryption of two files to verify the files still exist.”