A local diner in Florida scheduled an applicant for an interview for a server position. When she disclosed her pregnancy, they told her not to come to the interview. Her boyfriend took to social media and posted a screenshot of the written Facebook messenger discussion between the diner and his pregnant girlfriend (side).

His posting resulted in media attention and local outcry. Long time patrons of the establishment threatened boycotts. http://www.fox13news.com/news/local-news/lakeland-diner-denies-woman-interview-because-she-is-pregnant

The diner posted to Facebook that they made the decision to reject her as an applicant based on her lack of experience and posted her resume to demonstrate her lack of qualification–which subjected them to further backlash. Eventually, the owner of the diner confirmed that he did not authorize the communication with her about cancelling the interview. He invited her to come in for an interview and a fair shot at the position. She declined.

This is clearly an example of what not to do when an applicant discloses her pregnancy and why going viral on social media can be harmful to your business.