RooR International Bv and Sream, Inc (collectively “RooR”) have filed dozens (more? – a recent search suggests over 100 such cases) of suits throughout Florida asserting trademark rights for purported counterfeit sales of its water pipes. 

Recently, RooR asserted such claims against Nipa Enterprise, Inc. and and Ashmaul Hosna for such alleged counterfeit sales at their store in 2016.  But Nipa and Hosna did not own the store in 2016.  Indeed, Nipa Enterprise, Inc. was not formed until 2017.  Defendants filed their Rule 11 motion after waiting for the Rule 11 safe harbor period to elapse.

RooR responded by seeking leave to file an Amended Complaint.  That Amended Complaint named different defendants, and no longer named Nipa and Hosna.  The Court then took up Nipa and Hosna’s Rule 11 motion.