Last year, the Levelset content team partnered with TSheets to sponsor an industry survey to learn more about how cash flow issues in construction affect business’s operations. After collecting and analyzing the data, we realized that construction companies have cash flow problems, and everyone–including the employees–is paying the price. 

We are teaming up with TSheets and Fieldwire to dig deeper into these cash flow problems.

This year’s construction cash flow survey will benchmark replies against last year’s data and expand the questions to understand what is causing these cash flow issues and how businesses are dealing with them. The primary objectives of this research effort are to:

  • Identify the payment terms that are most common in contracts and during construction projects
  • Identify and better understand the extent of slow payment in the industry.
    • What problems are caused by slow payment  
    • How long does payment normally take and when is it a problem
  • Identify the impact of slow payment on businesses
    • Cost, competition, pricing, & administrative impact  
    • Impact of payment practices on the company’s goals 
    • Impact on how they choose projects and partners 
    • Impact on hiring, raises, and people operations
    • Impact on how they price and compete in their market


The survey takes prominently  5 minutes to complete.

Joining in this construction cash flow survey will help you and your peers in the industry understand they are not alone when facing payment problems and shed light on the most effective ways to deal with issues related to cash flow. Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey. Please complete all questions fully. Incomplete surveys will not be counted.

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