Note from the Associate Editor, Melissa Lin

Legal blogging is a worldwide community spanning states, time zones, countries, and continents. Need proof? Look no further than today’s post.

LexBlog had the pleasure of launching yet another blog from the Legal Hackers Community, this time for its Seoul-based chapter. Do not miss the opportunity to read this growing community’s insights on law and technology–they show no signs of slowing down.

Newest members to our network include Australian perspectives from Eaglegate and Thai perspectives from Antares Group. Eaglegate deepens readers’ understanding of known intellectual property and trademark issues by analyzing case outcomes in other countries and then speculating how those same cases would result in Australia. Antares Group gives same sex couples, marketers, business owners, home owners, and others useful guides to understanding their rights in Thailand.

Two US-based legal bloggers also joined our network this week: Colin S. Levy, sole in-house counsel for–who is on the front lines of legal innovation and highlights legal technology and innovation thought leaders on his blog–and Mark Alexander, a litigator who aggressively pursues justice for his clients and exhibits his incredible wealth of knowledge on not one, but two blogs.

It is heartening to see evidence that the legal blogging community is strengthening worldwide. Please join us in welcoming our newest members and catch up on all the newest blogs in recent weeks here

Newest Blogs Launched

Seoul Legal Hackers by Legal Hackers is an international blog that spotlights the convergence of technological innovation and the legal industry. The Seoul-based publication brings attention to current legal issues facing the development of new technologies such as algorithm bias and other ethical issues involved in the implementation of AI.

Newest Members Added to the Network

Colin S. Levy engages in the conversation surrounding legal technology and innovation through the perspective of legal thinker and Suffolk University alum, Colin Levy. Mr. Levy produces content that focuses on everything from the seductive effects of technology to essential lessons for keeping up with the rapidly-advancing field. 

Mark Alexander, P.A., a commercial litigator and former adjunct professor with nearly twenty years of experience in the field, lends his voice to two newly-added blogs on our network.

Commercial Litigation Texas provides advice on how to navigate such matters as arbitration agreements and auto-dealer fraud, while Oil and Gas Fraud Lawyer keeps readers up to date with posts detailing recent fraud proceedings such as a gas investment scam and employee wire fraud.

Eaglegate is a law firm in Australia that strives to provide new and agile solutions to legal needs, specifically in the areas of intellectual property, IT, and information security through the firm’s industry and legal experience. Nicole Murdoch and Stuart Efstathis lead Eaglegate’s blog that focuses heavily on subject matters concerning copyright, trademarks, and cybersecurity.

Antares Group, a full-service firm based in Thailand, provides an international blog that discusses legal, tax and accounting advice to Thai and foreign entrepreneurs and businesses. Most recent blog posts fall under the topic of family law and of labour law. This blog hopes to help those doing business in Thailand and make it easier through “Antares’s extensive knowledge of Thai business law.”

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