Travis County (Auston, TX) Construction Project growth is mirrored by large lien filings in May.

With so much construction growth in and around the city of Austin, Texas (Travis County) it’s no wonder that payment problems and lien filings are swelling. The good news is there’s lots of construction and contracts generating a lot of growth in the economy; the bad news is there’s lots of construction and contracts not being paid for on time (or at all) and that doesn’t help your company’s economy.

Contractors, vendors, laborers and every other piece of the construction puzzle run on one thing – cash! Handling payment properly can be a real challenge when there are multiple projects with many parties and distinctly different contracts reflecting payment terms that can be all over the map. Trying to keep on top of all those projects, contracts, disbursements, and payments leave a lot of room for error. Success in construction breeds a need for staying ahead of the game, not just struggling to keep up with it, and keeping ahead of cash flow is always job #1.

Mechanics Liens are a necessary part of this industry.

Keeping up with the paperwork, invoices, and payments are tough enough. This is especially true in Texas, where managing your lien rights is more complicated than any other state. When a client doesn’t pay on time or in full and then all hell breaks loose. If your company is experiencing this kind of difficulty it’s essential to find a resource that can stop the problems before they land on your desk and tie up your time. You may need to file a Texas Mechanics Lien to keep your company protected, but it takes time to make sure the process and documents are completed correctly, otherwise, you’ve wasted your precious time and money filing a bunch of useless papers and getting nowhere. 

May’s lien filings in Travis County reflect the nationwide trend in construction funding and payment cycles with some pretty large lien amounts in the mix. Here are May 2019’s largest liens in Travis County Texas. Clicked the linked companies in this article to view their construction payment profiles

Schwob Building Hired by OSF West Fifth LP 

  • Lien Amount: $2,175,671.49
  • Claimant: Schwob Building Company
  • Hiring Party: OSF West Fifth LP
  • Property Address of Lien: 1407 W. Fifth Street, Austin, TX
  • Property Owner: OSF West Fifth LP

Schwob Building Company filed a lien for $2,175,671.49 on 1407 West Fifth Street, Austin, TX, a property owned by OSF West Fifth LP after being hired by OSF West Fifth LP.

Schwob Building Company has been providing construction services from concept to completion in the Travis area since 1977. Part of a nationwide construction firm, Schwob Building Company takes great pride in their people, their work, and their future. To make sure the future looks bright, the staff at Schwob has chosen to protect their investment in the project they’ve made possible by filing a mechanics lien because they know in today’s world, all kinds of things can go wrong and they don’t want to be caught short if the music stops playing. The project at West & Fifth is a condominium development in the Old Town section of Austin aimed at supporting the development of the downtown area.

Alamo Tile & Stone Hired by Balfour Beatty Construction LLC

  • Lien Amount: $998,618.42
  • Claimant: Alamo Tile & Stone
  • Hiring Party: Balfour Beatty Construction LLC
  • Property Address of Lien: 301 West Avenue, Austin, TX
  • Property Owner: 3rd & West LP

Alamo Tile & Stone filed a lien for $998,618.42 on 301 West Avenue, Austin, Texas, a property owned by 3rd & West LP after being hired by Beatty Construction LLC.

Alamo Tile & Stone, a material supplier out of San Antonio, filed a lien for $998,618.42 on the project being contracted by Balfour Beatty Construction LLC. Both companies have been in business for many years, Alamo Tile & Stone since 1981 and Beatty Construction since 1933. Alamo Tile & Stone has received a lot of attention from local builders and building magazines for their creative and beautiful products and designs. As a construction vendor, the owners at Alamo Tile & Stone know how important it is to ensure they’ll be paid and they have filed their mechanics lien accordingly. Even though Beatty Construction has been around longer than most folks have been alive, they have recently been in the spotlight for slow-paying customers around the world. Most notably in the UK where Balfour was barred from winning public projects

PGC General Contractors Hired by Waller Creek Conservancy

  • Lien Amount: $487,162.75
  • Claimant: Peabody General Contractors LLC
  • Hiring Party: Waller Creek Conservancy
  • Property Address: 500 East Twelfth Street, Austin, TX
  • Property Owner: Waller Creek Conservancy

PGC General Contractors filed a lien for $487,162.75 on 500 East Twelfth Street, Austin, Texas, a property owned by Waller Creek Conservancy, a 501(c)3 organization.

PGC General Contractors LLC is a recently established contracting firm with a business commencement date of September 25, 2018 in Texas. As a new contractor in the state of Texas, the owners at PGC, (Peabody General Contractors) wanted to be sure their work was protected as the company’s main offices are located in Colorado. The Waller Creek Conservancy project is a public/private endeavor to improve and maintain the beautiful water features, playgrounds, walking paths, parks and public venues in the Waller Creek District of Austin, Texas. As an out-of-state general contractor doing business in Texas, it’s important to be sure all the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed and Levelset makes that easy and fast for any contractor.

Minyard Sons Services Hired by Tyson & Blanchard

  • Lien Amount: $329,746.98
  • Claimant: Minyard Sons Services
  • Hiring Party: Tyson & Blanchard
  • Property Address: 13500 FM-2769, Austin, TX
  • Property Owner: MRG ATX Holdings LLC

Minyard Sons Services filed a lien for $329,746.98 on 13500 FM-2769, Austin, Texas, a development project and property owned by MRG ATX Holdings LLC.

Minyard Sons Services is a Central Texas provider of residential and commercial air-conditioning, heating, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and remodeling services that has been around for over a quarter of a century. They’ve worked on projects all over Texas and take pride in overseeing complex and unusual construction efforts. Tyson & Blanchard have many commercial and residential projects under their belt including hospitals, multi-family residences, restaurants, hotels, waterparks, retail spaces, and specialty construction. The MRG ATX development project involves many different buildings with varying completion dates. That makes the administration of the multi-building project a complicated and confusing process when it comes to receiving payments and making disbursements. If there is a hiccup in the process, it’s important to guarantee the best chance to recover from the hiccup and keep going and that means filing mechanics liens when and where necessary. With everything else on their plates, the company’s accounting staff can spend their time much more productively receiving and paying out money rather than running to the courthouse to file liens.

Chaparral Insulation Company Hired by Kilgore Industries

  • Lien Amount: $291,453.91
  • Claimant: Chaparral Insulation Company
  • Hiring Party: Kilgore Industries LP
  • Property Address: 501 West 1604
  • Property Owner: Riverside Resources

Chaparral Insulation Company filed a lien for $291,453.91 on 501 West 1604, Austin, Texas, a property owned by Riverside Resources.

Chaparral Insulation Company is a commercial and residential insulation products vendor with offices all over Texas and a great reputation since 1982. As a family-owned and family-run business, they’ve learned the importance of submitting mechanics liens on their construction projects to guarantee the next generation will have the same opportunities as the current owners. Kilgore Industries is one of the largest Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing contractors in the State of Texas and has been providing its services for almost twenty years. More than that, Kilgore Industries is a nation-wide firm with hundreds of projects in their repertoire. Even though Chaparral Insulation is working with a well-known and well-respected company, they know how important it is to do the right thing, but also be able to demonstrate to your client that you are a diligent and professional organization when it comes to the paperwork and procedures of conducting business.

Large or small doesn’t really matter when it comes to protecting your company and its profits.

While some of the liens filed in Travis County in May of 2019 may not have been for huge amounts of money, the smallest lien filed was for $195.00, but the same idea applies whether the claim is large or small; protection from non-payment and a better negotiating point if negotiations for payment take place. With $8,458,004.72 in lien filings in Travis County during May of 2019, many companies find themselves losing sleep over slow payment, cash flows, and the potential that they will have to file a lien just to get paid.  

The time required to manage your construction payment paperwork in Texas is a full-time job. Texas Monthly notices, invoices, pay applications, and waivers can require a full team of people, or even a law office if you have a large volume of projects. If you leave this process up to chance, or you decide to take a chance on not filing your notices, be prepared for the real risk of non-payment. Notice providers, lien service providers and business partners like Levelset can help with these processes and make sure the right documents are delivered at the right time to all the required parties. Staying up to date with this paperwork is the best way to avoid situations where a lien might be required to prompt payment. If you are thinking about implementing a notice policy, experiencing cash flow issues, or spending too much time getting your monthly notices out before the monthly deadline, set up a time to speak with a payment expert today.

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