With the CCPA going into effect soon, and the look back period already in place for the current time period, I thought it would be helpful to lay this out, as the CCPA has gone through some amendments and there is some confusion out there about the CCPA’s scope.

If your company falls into either 1 or 2 below (or both), then it is subject to the CCPA and should comply with its requirements:

1. The company (i) is a for profit business, (ii) that does business in the State of California (there is a legal test to determine this), (iii) that collects, or has collected for it, California consumer’s personal information and determines the processing of such information


the company also meets at least one of the following factors: (x) it has at least $25,000,000 in annual gross revenue, (y) it buys, sells, shares or receives the personal information of at least 50,000 California consumers each year, or (z) it receives at least half of its annual revenue from “selling” California consumer’s personal information.

2. The company controls or is controlled by a business that meets the requirements in 1. above.