Day 1 Summary: 7th January 2020

Delighted to be at CES 2020 exploring the latest innovations in Tech, AI, IoT, Robotics, Consumer Electronics and much more. More than buzzwords, CES 2020 is home to the latest ideas and developments that will truly change the way we live.

From expert panel discussions where senior AI researchers and investors have discussed IoT and anticipatory technology, to trying the latest 100% plant based Impossible burger 2.0 it’s all at CES 2020. Here, you’ll find the leading companies and products disrupting the digital and tech landscape and it’s been a pleasure meeting with so many of them and discussing their products, their challenges and the market. Of course, this being CES there are also a significant amount of ridiculously large TVs (although for me, even the 8k resolutions and bezel-less rolling screens don’t quite make them as interesting as the Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles).

The quality of panel discussion has been high, highlights of which were the Chief Privacy Officer Roundtable asking ‘What Do Consumers Want’, ‘AI Requires Human-Centered Design’ and ‘IoT: Moving Into An Anticipatory Tech World’. These raised some interesting questions which I will follow up in future content.

Originally published by Chris Eklund on linkedin