This March is the inaugural Northeastern Cider Conference, which will be held in Albany, New York. The conference is a much-needed event for cider makers, brand owners, and importers. Sessions will discuss matters pertaining to growing, fermenting, distribution, retail, education, packaging, etc. and will include many renowned professionals in the cider world.

I will be one of the panelist for the label design session and plan to discuss label compliance issues that can be unique to hard ciders. A strong majority of hard ciders are products under the 7% alc/vol level and fall subject to FDA food labeling regulations, which are quite different from the world of TTB labeling and COLAs. During this session, we will discuss the processes of each agency along with general requirements for labeling.

To find out more about the Northeastern Cider Conference or to sign up for the conference, visit the New York Cider Association’s website here.

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