Cybersecurity threats are everywhere and impact every business and organization, no matter how large or small.

The threat landscape continues to evolve as bad actors become more sophisticated at taking advantage of weak cybersecurity defenses. Business risks include compromised customer data, devastating financial recovery expenses, tarnished company reputation, substantial direct financial losses, and weakened client trust. The question is not whether cyber-fraudsters will target your organization, but when. Where does leadership start?

Join Dickinson Law, Holmes Murphy, & Eide Bailly on April 9th for a series of afternoon panel discussions focusing on how to develop a cybersecurity program from the ground up.

Topics include: 

  • Discussion with experienced cybersecurity professionals who have developed and implemented cybersecurity programs. The discussion will focus on the challenge of tailoring a program to an organization’s specific needs, and ensuring that the program complies with applicable cybersecurity regulations.
  • Discussion about developing a cybersecurity program that complies with the ever changing legal landscape. New laws like CCPA, GDPR, and a host of potential other state laws are all changing the priorities for cybersecurity compliance.
  • Discussion about developing a cybersecurity program that complies with some of the leading cybersecurity protocols, including NIST, FFIEC, and ISO standards.
  • Discussion about training employees to implement the cybersecurity plan, and how to provide incentives and consequences for employees to comply with the plan.
  • The questions you should ask your CISO about the development of your cybersecurity program, and issues you should look out for.

Attendees will leave with a greater understanding of the tools needed to assure business security, protect customer data, and stay compliant with the law, and
the questions to ask of their cybersecurity teams.

Panelists will include:

  • Bob Hickok, Senior Manager, Risk Advisory Services, Eide Bailly LLP
  • Miles Weis, AVP, Executive Risk & Cyber Practice Leader, Holmes Murphy
  • Ross Ingersoll, Executive Risk & Cyber Account Executive
  • Bryan Thompson, Information Security Director, Holmes Murphy
  • John Lande, Attorney & Cybersecurity Chair, Dickinson Law Firm
  • Emily McGovern, Attorney, Dickinson Law Firm
  • Bryan O’Neill, Attorney, Dickinson Law Firm
  • Andrea Rastelli, Attorney, Dickinson Law Firm
  • Melissa Schilling, Attorney, Dickinson Law Firm

Event Schedule:

12-4 p.m. CT – Seminar

Complimentary lunch will be provided at noon.

Happy hour directly following the panels.

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