I am returning to present my Risky Business Seminar for New York Lawyers for the Arts but this year because of Covid 19 crisis it will be in the form of a webinar. Although for the past 15 years I have been presenting this as an all day seminar, we have broken it up into two parts done over two days as a webinar on Zoom. For all of you who have wanted to attend this seminar, but coming to New York City was inconvenient, now is your chance to participate remotely. 

This comprehensive seminar—for new attorneys, attorneys transitioning to entertainment law, and filmmakers—explores how independent films are financed and distributed.

Particular attention will be paid to how producers and filmmakers can protect themselves, including:
·       Criteria for selecting a distributor;
·       Investigating distributors;
·       Adding contract provisions and understanding contract terms
·       Dealing with investors, and more
Other topics will include compliance with state and federal laws regarding investors, retaining an attorney, producer rep, and publicist, and confirming awards and enforcing judgments.
Participants will receive a 149 page detailed handout with a distribution contract, articles, forms and a self-defense checklist as well as a 150 slide powerpoint of the presentation. 

This program is a two-day online seminar offering up to 7 Continuing Legal Education credits to attorneys.
Dates and Time:
Thursday, June 18, 2020:  1 – 4:30 PM
Friday, June 19, 2020: 1 – 4:30 PM

Mark Litwak is a veteran entertainment attorney with offices in Brentwood, California. His practice includes work in the areas of copyright, trademark, contract, multimedia law, intellectual property, and book publishing. Litwak is an adjunct professor at USC Law School, and functions as a Producer’s Rep, assisting filmmakers in the financing, marketing and distribution of their films. Litwak is the author of six books including: Reel Power, Dealmaking in the Film and Television Industry (winner of the 1995 Krazna-Kranz Moving Image Book Award), Contracts for the Film and Television Industry, Litwak’s Multimedia Producer’s Handbook, and Risky Business, Financing and Distributing Independent Film.

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