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Getting Started:


Here are some recommended resources on video conferencing and ADR:


Next Steps:


  • Many mediators are still charging for online mediations with the same hourly rate. Some have set-up new processes, such as charging per conversation, which might only last 20 minutes with each party.
  • Payment options are, Zelle, Venmo, and Square. Set-up an account and send clients the link to pay.

Teaching and Presenting:


  • Caseload Manager: Case management system produced by
  • CREK: case management system, designed by Colin Rule
  • MODRIA: court/large scale case management
  • Zoom: video-conferencing software
  • MODRON: video and text software
  • MS Teams: allows for video and chat meetings, with assignments, no breakout rooms
  • Webex: video-conferencing software

Neutral Rosters/Career:

  • esports adr
  • EEOC online mediator roster
  • BBB online mediator roster
  •–they send cases to the affiliate mediator panel