ZERØ, provider of the legal industry’s most innovative email management technology, and Fireman & Company, the leading management consulting firm for law firms and corporate legal departments, today announced a strategic partnership to deliver AI-powered productivity, compliance, and profitability solutions to large law firms.

This strategic partnership will provide law firms with a blend of deep knowledge management and change management expertise, coupled with advanced and modernized email management productivity technology. ZERØ seamlessly automates the administrative processes of email management and filing into document management systems for iOS mobile devices and desktop. Using ZERØ, lawyers can vastly improve their billing hygiene and remove some of the operational friction during the lifecycle of matter management. Professionals can now effortlessly and contemporaneously capture the actual time spent interacting with client-related emails and documents on their mobile devices and have these timecards appear directly in their firm’s time entry system for posting. The combination of ZERØ’s innovative technology and Fireman’s deep experience in delivering complex projects successfully will allow firms to modernize their business process, boost their profitability, and achieve operational excellence.

“We’re looking forward to blending our advanced technology capabilities with Joshua Fireman and his team’s deep knowledge management expertise to create a unique and refreshing email process modernization experience for the legal industry,” said Ryan Steadman, Chief Revenue Officer at ZERØ. “ZERØ’s solutions are important for law firms in this new work-from-anywhere reality. ZERØ helps law firms maximize profitability and productivity at this critical juncture by minimizing the wasted time lawyers spend on low-value tasks, by fostering self-sufficiency in the face of the imperative to do more with less, and by engendering compliance with email and time capture policies. This partnership with Fireman & Company will create another layer of modernization to a business process that hasn’t changed much in over a decade.”

“Fireman & Company has deep experience in helping law firms move beyond traditional practices to improve law firm business performance,” said Joshua Fireman, Fireman & Company’s founder and president. “ZERØ’s technology provides us with the opportunity to bring AI to one of the critical issues facing firms today—profitability.”

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