It’s official—Shape Mortgage now integrates with video platform BombBomb to make all your prospect and client communications more personal than ever before. Built on top of the powerful Shape Software platform you know and love, the seamless BombBomb integration allows you to add videos to your outbound emails and SMS in just a click. 

Are you struggling to break through the noise in the digital mortgage era?
Finding it hard to differentiate yourself or your services in a crowded marketplace?
Want to kick off client relationships on the right foot—and keep them that way?

The Shape + BombBomb integration can do all that, and more!

With this update, all Shape Mortgage users can now:

  1. Seamlessly create and send captivating video messages via email or SMS directly through Shape with the click of a button

  2. Add a more personal touch to your client communications to build stronger relationships

  3. Stay in touch with clients and prospects, even when you can’t meet in-person

  4. Show off your brand personality to create more consistency and add back in a human element to digital communications

It’s time to leverage the personalization of BombBomb and the power of Shape Software to drive and close more deals than ever before.

Ready to take your client communications to the next level?

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