With reports of excessive pricing on the rise around the globe, it is critical that companies understand the price gouging rules and regulations and their enforcement in each country where they do business. Our team has compiled a global price gouging resource guide to help our clients navigate the differing approaches taken by governments and regulatory authorities.

Our guide answers commonly asked questions about price gouging, but we recognize that individual circumstances call for personalized legal advice. Please consult with a member of Reed Smith’s Antitrust and Competition team before taking any definitive action.

We appreciate the importance of this topic and continue to monitor developments. The team has written on topical matters surrounding price gouging, including the global risks of charging unfair and excessive prices in times of COVID-19 and the CMA hand sanitizer investigation. As part of Reed Smith’s Countering the Crisis podcast channel, the Antitrust and Competition team will continue to discuss regional price gouging laws in more detail. Be sure to listen to our recent United States, Asia-Pacific and European Union episodes. Please visit our Antitrust and Competition Report page for updates from the Antitrust and Competition team.