Our client was charged with Assault and Battery on a Family or Household Member, Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon, and Malicious Destruction of Property after a dispute with their significant other.

Attorney Alexander Conley represented our client in Salem District Court. Attorney Conley learned that the alleged victim of the offense had made contradictory statements to his initial report. As such, the case was brought to a trial date, where the alleged victim appeared, but did not want to pursue charges. As such, Attorney Conley requested that the charges be dismissed, and the Court agreed.

The dismissal saved our client from any punishment from these allegations. In some cases, if a witness does not cooperate with the District Attorney’s office, a dismissal can occur, as it did for our client. However, every case is different, and sometimes the Commonwealth can move forward even if there is no witness cooperation. If you or a loved one are charged with a crime, whether or not any witnesses want to pursue charges, you should contact a criminal defense lawyer for a free consultation.