I have not looked back to see how many years in a row our firm has made this top ranking, but it’s been quite a few.  Sometimes I wonder whether the folks at “Best Lawyers” even bother checking on us.  Maybe they just assume we have not declined in skill, talent or experience and therefore just “rubberstamp” our “Tier 1” ranking year after year?

But that’s not the way it works, at least according to them.  A firm must have at least one attorney who is recognized in the current edition of Best Lawyers in order to qualify for being ranked as a “Best Law Firm” in their publication. (All four of our lawyers are listed).  After that first condition is met, Best Lawyers says they then dig deeper, collecting data from the firms’ clients, and eliciting “votes” from other lawyers in the area.   (And no we can’t vote for ourselves.)  According to Best Lawyers, “all of the quantitative and qualitative data is then combined into an overall ‘Best Law Firms’ score for each firm.”

Somehow this process always seems to make us land in the top tier.  Good for us!

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