Over the last several years, the number of accidents involving a motor vehicle striking a bicycle has been on the rise, and in Arizona especially so.

If you’re involved in a bicycle-motor vehicle accident, there are certain things you need to remember.

  • First, you want to call the police, if you can, so that a report is taken.

  • Take lots of photographs of the accident scene, the vehicle, the bike.

  • Seek medical care.

  • And call our office for a free consultation.

Bicycle accidents sometimes can be under-investigated by the police. I’ve had two this year alone where the police officer put the bicyclist at fault, where it was not true, after we did a thorough investigation. And we were able to recover fully for our clients that were both involved in a bicycle accident, because of an inattentive driver.

Again, call Brown Personal Injury Law for a free consultation, and stay safe out there.