Our client was an inmate who was charged with possession with intent to distribute suboxone and straight possession of suboxone. The alleged offense occurred inside of a jail in Massachusetts and was based on a a video that was alleged to have shown our client dropping the drugs, as well as additional drugs found on our client’s person afterward.

Attorney Alexander Conley represented our client in Salem District Court. Attorney Conley learned that the video evidence had been lost and that the jail had mishandled some of the drug evidence. Attorney Conley filed a motion to dismiss some of the charges. The Court agreed to exclude much of the evidence, which led to the District Attorney’s Office agreeing to dismiss all the charges against out client.

Our client’s case was dismissed, saving our client from possible jail time and sparing his criminal record. Sometimes procedural or other errors can lead to the dismissal of criminal charges, even without a trial. Contact Aprodu | Conley, PLLC today if you have been charged with a crime, and we will scheduled a free consultation to discuss your case.