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In episode two of Season One, Calvert and Farone spoke with Mitch Zuklie, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the law firm Orrick.

Orrick is leader in pushing the innovation envelope. 17 years after former chairman Ralph Baxter first brought the firm’s capabilities to West Virginia, the facility was renamed the Global Operations & Innovation Center in recognition of the firm’s efforts to innovate and transform the client service model. The firm also involves clients in the creation of products.

“The environment in which innovation can flourish requires constant management time and attention,” Zuklie said, adding that leaders must understand themselves first before growing their organizations. During the discussion, Zuklie shared his vision of what makes an effective leader, and revealed how he applies the principles of saving wild salmon to the operation of a legal professional services firm.

Zuklie additionally shared his top pieces of advice for firm professionals: 

  • Understand that failing at projects may often be an investment in your future. You must be willing to fail and move on quickly from failure.
  • You can benefit from your clients. The idea of partnering with them during the process of creating is vitally important. Once you have that locked in, you’ll know you’re on the right path.
  • Be authentic. Trust is an essential component not just in applying legal work but in hiring and retaining the right people.

Learn more on how narrowing down your firm’s objectives to a few key areas can make an enormous difference in terms of innovation, marketing, hiring, and creating an operating game plan. You’ll also discover why grit and teamwork are the two key criteria your firm should apply when evaluating candidates, their work, and their ability to add something positive to the firm’s unique culture. 

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