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Risk mitigation is a challenging task that becomes nearly impossible when firms are saddled with disjointed processes and multiple data sources. Firms without automated risk management technology have difficulty streamlining workflows and connecting data, and struggle to quickly evaluate new
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Automated Real-Time Data Supports Deal Decisions, Execution, and Efficiency

Palo Alto, Calif., October 13, 2021 — Intapp (NASDAQ: INTA), a leading provider of industry-specific, cloud-based software solutions that enable connected professional and financial services firms, today announced expanded functionality of
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Tracking outside counsel guidelines (OCGs) and ensuring billing compliance for all client matters is a challenging but necessary responsibility for lawyers and other legal timekeepers. Failure to properly follow client guidelines when recording time and ultimately submitting bills could result in write-offs as well negatively impacting the client relationship.  
Unfortunately, the growing quantity and complexity of OCGs makes it
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When an accounting firm considers new business, it must perform an evaluation of the client’s potential impact on the firm’s overall risk exposure. Instead of relying on email exchanges and manually updated spreadsheets, firms can use technology to build and
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With the COVID-19 pandemic came a surge of new and innovative digital technology to accommodate the increase in remote work. Despite having multiple legal platforms and systems at their disposal, many law firms have been hesitant to take advantage of software that automates timekeeping.
According to a recent Zero survey, about 75% of lawyers and other law firm timekeepers reported
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Lawyers are already overwhelmed by the amount of work and number of matters they have to juggle; the last thing they want is to spend further effort trying to capture and organize their time entries. Many professionals still rely on spreadsheets and lengthy manual timekeeping processes, which increase the chance of human error and revenue leakage. When timekeepers record inaccurate time entries that don’t meet the firm’s contractual
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