Maxwell Hodge is a solicitor practice with 8 Offices across Merseyside and the Wirral.  Being locally based means teamwork is essential for the firm, ensuring support is provided across all branches at all times.


Historic challenges and limitations

The firm’s former analogue dictation system had become outdated and inefficient, and it was becoming more and more difficult to get replacement hardware or even to have the existing hardware repaired.


Tipping point

When the cost to repair and or replace handsets and finding spares/replacements become too difficult, the firm decided to pilot digital dictation some years ago in one branch, but at that time the firm couldn’t roll this out without a massive change to their network environment.


Moving to the cloud

More recently, Head of Technical Services from Maxwell Hodge researched the top digital dictation providers, and Speechwrite came up top of their list. The firm evaluated 3 different solutions and invited those three dictation providers in for a demonstration.

“Speechwrite came out and discussed our requirements with our CEO and Head of Technical Services, quickly provided a cloud solution to fit our needs, and also allowed us to pilot this in one of our branches.  They assisted with teething problems specific to our network and, once the pilot was in place, left it with us to assess ourselves.

We needed the solution to work within our current network environment and provide ease of use for the staff and easy maintenance and control for our IT Team. SpeechWrite 360 delivered this for us,” Pat explains


The importance of support

“Technical support at the beginning was critical as the firm’s network devices (Thin client) needed configuring before they were able to be utilised.  SpeechWrite was proficient and experienced with Thin Client, so we were able to resolve this quickly and efficiently. 

The rollout of the SpeechWrite 360 solution was seamless, and users were up and running very quickly. Shortly after SpeechWrite delivered the project, the Covid 19 pandemic hit us, and this brought its own set of internal issues which Speechwrite assisted us with at that time,” Pat adds.

The authors use a mix of mobile and hardware dictation whilst in the office or at home, and the support staff mainly transcribe from within the branch offices. The firm has gained from a more reliable dictation transfer and backup and can send work to other branches should the need arise easily. Sound quality and ease of use outside of the office on the mobile app have also been a real advantage.

“In a nutshell, we have benefited from a reliable, agile, easy-to-use system which has made dictation very flexible during these difficult times,” Pat concludes.


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