• What is Land Tenure and how does it affect the property investor?
  • What is ULTRA (Upgrading of Land Tenure Act?
  • How have recent Court Cases changed ULTRA?
  • What about Land Tenure in the former TBVC states?
  • What about the concept of the “Family Home”?
We answer these questions and more in this video.

We have done a series of videos with Taurai Jack of M5 Real Estate (Pty) Ltd, known as M5 Property Addicts, about certain legal aspects of Property Investment and Property Law in general.  The series starts with a look at the solid foundation that all serious Property Investors should establish, namely a solid business structure. 

The most important aspect of making money out of property is preserving and protecting both the property and the wealth that is created.

Far too many property investors rush into buying properties without first getting a suitable property investment structure in place. Without a suitable property investment structure you are exposed and vulnerable to creditors who can ruthlessly take away everything you have gained.” – Jason Lee

Follow this LINK for more on this topic.

The series then follows the process.  This starts with completing your Offer to Purchase (OTP) like a PRO.  If you are a professional property investor, why would you use a generic OTP and not customise a bespoke document that serves your unique interests? It is the document that will regulate your acquisition of an asset that is likely to be one of the biggest assets on your balance sheet and you want to use a document that costs you the least (or is free)!

We then looked at the Conveyancing process.  How is ownership of the property that you have just purchased transferred?  In this video, we look at the process that leads up to lodgment in the Deeds Office and then I take you on a Walk Through of the Pretoria Deeds Office to show you how it operates and what eventually leads to you receiving your Title Deed.  What is Prep? What is Execution?  See the actual Execution Hall.

We then consider some pending legislation in the form of the amendment to the Upgrading of Land Tenure Act and the Expropriation Act.  I believe that any serious Property Investor should not only have a basic knowledge of the Laws and Regulations that govern their investment arena but also keep an “eye on the horizon” in the form of proposed legislation. Our look at legislation will be an ongoing part of the series of videos.

We also examined Mortgage Bonds.  What is a Mortgage Bond and where did they originate?  How are they registered?  What should you do when you struggle to pay?  In this episode Taurai and I are joined by Vijayta Rana from my Law Firm (Delport van den Berg Incorporated).

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Gareth Shepperson