In order to keep your lien rights on commercial and residential jobs in Texas, you need to send the required Texas monthly notice (usually on the 15th of the month) to the property owner and prime contractor. Texas is unique in that a separate notice is required for every month you provide labor and/or materials.

This means that on an extended project, you can be required to send a large volume of notices. To make things more complicated, some parties are required to send more than one notice for each month of unpaid labor and/or materials. And potentially, those notices may be required to be sent in different months. 

If you’re protecting lien rights on multiple jobs that stretch over multiple months, sending out these Texas monthly notices gets really stressful, really fast. 

So, how can you streamline this process and ensure your lien rights on Texas jobs are always protected? The five videos below will tell you how!

If you want to retain your right to file a lien in the case of nonpayment, these are the steps you must follow each month. 

Did you send your monthly notices, but still haven’t been paid? Here’s what you can do before filing a mechanics lien.

Here’s how a contract administrator at a Texas rebar supplier uses lien rights management software to streamline the monthly notice process. In less than a year, this business reduced their DSO (days sales outstanding) from 108 days to just 50 days by using software for creating and sending monthly notices. 

Another important part of the notice process is finding the right project information to include in the notice. Here’s how Levelset’s Scout Research helps businesses find and confirm accurate job site info. 

Does lien rights software really simplify the Texas monthly notice process? See for yourself! Here’s a glimpse of what it looks like to use Levelset to create, send, and track your Texas monthly notices. 

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