Other than clean living, among the things better addressed sooner than later, is financial health.

This is true whether you’re swimming in debt or have money to burn.

In a two-part series, Young Lawyer Rising hosts and guest Ravi Ramanathan discuss the hot issue of paying down law school debt, saving for retirement, and entertainment spending. 

The episodes put “Financial Wellness Minute” segment host Mathew Kerbis front and center in a casual but practical advice-packed conversation about how to improve financial health at the start of a career.

From law school to Mary Kay to virtual law practice

When an unexpected bundle of joy disrupted her securities litigation practice plans, a random visit to Target sent Kara Vaval on a new path. One Mary Kay demo later, Vaval joined the ranks of cosmetics entrepreneurs. 

Legal Toolkit host Jared Correia interviews Vaval about her unique background and how the Mary Kay experience helped her structure and launch a thriving virtual law practice. 

Best quote from Vaval about her practice and her Laptop Lifestyle Lawyer entrepreneurial activities, “I just started making use of myself in a much bigger way than just what I went to school for.”

Free speech and social media litigation, in context

Celebrating its 200th episode, Legal Talk Today hosts special guest, Popehat himself, Ken White. 

Host Laurence Colletti asks White to break down Donald Trump’s class action against social media giants Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. 

White discusses the legal landscape and explains how the First Amendment works. He also offers his no-BS opinion on the suit’s likelihood of success.

Dear State Bar Regulators

Lunch Hour Legal Marketing hosts Gyi Tsakalakis and Conrad Saam aren’t shy about sharing their opinions on the good, the bad, and the ugly in legal marketing. It’s one of the reasons I enjoy almost every show. 

In the latest episode, Tsakalakis takes state bar regulators to task for imposing anti-competitive ethical restrictions on lawyers. He calls out Ohio’s recent ban on competitive brand bidding. He also names Texas, Florida, and South Carolina, as states that are making it harder for lawyers to compete with one another and with relatively new players in the market. Think Legal Zoom.

How to become a legal tech expert

There’s tech competence. Then there’s tech expertise. Kennedy-Mighell Report hosts Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell share some possible pathways to legal tech mastery.

While both caution there isn’t a quick way to become top of a complex field, they offer suggestions on how to dramatically raise your legal tech game. The show is aimed at those interested in writing and speaking on legal tech topics.

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