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Building good teams often requires valuing the unique strengths of each member. For legal teams, diversity of thought and perspective can make all the difference when solving problems.

If everyone thinks the same way, creative solutions may be elusive.

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In this On the Road Special Report, hear from National Conference of Bar Presidents leaders who presented showcase programs to evaluate the Covid-19 rollercoaster, lessons learned, and innovative ways bar groups are serving members.

Incoming American Bar Association President Reginald
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This week’s solid listens include an inspiring founder’s story, the politics of quorum in Texas explained and approaches addressing homelessness in a meaningful way. 

Persistence pays off

When you know you’re right and everyone tells you you’re wrong, what do
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Other than clean living, among the things better addressed sooner than later, is financial health.

This is true whether you’re swimming in debt or have money to burn.

In a two-part series, Young Lawyer Rising hosts and guest Ravi Ramanathan
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When someone hires a lawyer, they are entitled to a level of zealous advocacy. Ethical guidelines bind the lawyer to be loyal and give their clients their all. 

But there are limits to even zealous advocacy. To explore the limits
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