Purchasing cars with Ashley

Purchasing Cars with Ashley? Wait: does Fleming & Curti, PLC, have a personal shopper for auto acquisition?

Not exactly. But because of our unusual service mix, one of the things we often deal with is setting up transportation for trust beneficiaries and others. That frequently means we use trust (or conservatorship) funds to buy or replace automobiles.

Meet Ashley Cooper. Ashley is one of the hard-working and thoughtful Fleming & Curti, PLC, employees, and usually is the main contact for vehicle acquisition, titling and replacement. And no, her name doesn’t indicate that we have any special deals with a leading automotive marque.

Of course that’s not all Ashley does. Join us for a review of some of the unusual duties Ashley has taken on in our fiduciary administration practice.

Consider the challenge: we need to make sure that transportation is available and reasonably priced. But vehicle management (and driving itself) is one of the main risks affecting many drivers and vehicle owners — not to mention trustees. So we have to regularly deal with buying, maintaining, insuring and replacing vehicles. And that doesn’t even address how to take title and (sometimes) assuring that someone can actually drive.

That’s why we think Purchasing Cars with Ashley is an interesting problem. Join us for this episode of Elder Law Issues, in which we talk with Ashley about her unusual job description and experiences at Fleming & Curti, PLC.

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