Fatal Accident, Can Driver go to Jail in WI ? 


Can I still go to jail?

I was in an accident, and someone wound up dying. The officer said I appeared not to be at fault for the accident but I didn’t have car insurance at the time. Could I still go to jail?

Jay K. Nixon

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Yes, if you were found to be intoxicated, fled the scene, or were guilty of several other serious traffic violations, and an accident resulted in any injury, it sometimes could become a criminal offense. Otherwise, there are a large number of civil infractions which do not have a jail option, in which event that answer would be no. Either way, you still need a lawyer, however, just to handle the civil liability and driver’s license ramifications. For example, the DMV would often still try to take your license due to driving without insurance, is many similar scenarios involving the facts that you mention. Either way, we all wish you the very best of luck in resolving this successfully.