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Latest from Nixon Law Offices–4984935.html?answered=true  How do I get out of a speedometer violation?  I got stopped for speeding, at the time I didn’t know I was speeding, my speedometer read the speed limit. The officer understood and gave me a speedometer violation instead. This still carries 2 points off an incense. I can’t afford the insurance from the lost of points. I replaced the speed sensors in my car also. Is there any way I can get…–does-being-reported-by-a-citizen-automaticall-4983248.html#answer_10122093 DUI. Does being reported by a citizen automatically give an officer reasonable suspicion to pull you over? I was driving to my destination. I turned on to the street of my destination when I noticed a police cruiser tailing me. I continued to drive at the speed limit and within my lane. I feared that I would be pulled over before I reached my destination, but it wasn’t until I reached my destination,… Speeding ticket received by mail I received a speeding ticket in the mail almost a month after the alleged incident. The officer never pulled over the vehicle. Apparently the officer got the plate number from his dash camera, and then phoned owner of the vehicle. The owner said I was driving the vehicle. I called the police department and said it wasn’t me. The officer on duty stated were sending me a ticket…–4973390.html?answered=true      Is it illegal to yell at the police?  I got a disorderly conduct ticket for yelling f the police at a police officer that was on the side of the road Answer by Jay K. Nixon, Criminal Defense Attorney with offices in Kenosha & Janesville, WI.        Disorderly conduct is the most vaguely defined crime of our criminal code in WI, but has withstood several constitutional challenges based upon vagueness,  Nobody has actually…  How can i help my mother who has dementia and my sister ,who claims to be POA is physically, mentally and financially abusing her? I have reported her to ssi for fraud and for elder neglect . . . .all whom have never once asked for proof of POA, but refuse to listen or will not answer questions because I’m not the poa, but will not ask for proof if she is.  And,… Can you get a citation for having a car in a parking stall while engine is idling while on a cell phone while getting help?  My car was having mechanical issues. I pulled into a parking stall, left it running because I didn’t think it would start again and called for assistance from my friends. The officer gave me a ticket stating that I was violating the law by  using my cell phone…   I’m 16. My dad has been having some personal issues with me, the blame falls on both of us. however he doesn’t see that. so now he’s saying that I have to fix it, and until it’s fixed I have to pay him $100 dollars a month for food, clothing, laundry etc. The issue is nothing that I broke, it’s just relationship issues. No I did not damage any property or anything,…–4968867.html#answer_10100559IID exemption My 76 year old father had a dui many years ago that he did not do anything about. He wants his license and did an assessment and said he was low risk. The DMV required him to get an IID installed. He is not in the best of health and is unable to breathe long enough for the device to let him drive. Are there any exemptions he can ask…   Am I allowed to appeal if I represent myself pro se?  . . . Is there anything I cannot appeal by going pro se? Or am I granted the same rights as a lawyer when it comes to appeals? . . .   Jay’s Answer (Jay Nixon, Criminal Defense Atty. with Offices in Janesville & Kenosha, WI)   You check the percentage of pro se appeals which are won; my guess is…   When dealing with someone being killed, can a jury ask themselves a question of what if the person killed wasn’t at that place? I would like to know what can a jury think about when it comes to a criminal case when somebody dies. Does jury instructions prohibit jury members to ask the questions of what if? What if the aggressor/victim didn’t provoke the accused , would they still be alive? What…