Title: Anatomy of Indemnity and Copyright Clauses: What Architects Need to Know

Course Length: 45 Minutes 

Course Provider: AIA Illinois

Course Description: Jeremy S. Baker from Baker Law Group LLC will present a course that will examine two heavily-negotiated and important contract clauses: (1) indemnity, defense, and hold harmless clauses; and (2) intellectual property, copyright, and licensure clauses. Jeremy will examine contract language frequently-requested by the architect’s client (project owners), what can make such language uninsurable or unwise, and how architects can propose reasonable compromises.   

Learning Objectives: Include these four:

  1. Explain why certain contract language can imperil professional liability insurance coverage.
  2. Identify why a contractual “defense” obligation can create an uninsurable risk for architects.
  3. Discuss how “owning the copyright” differs from “having a license” to use Instruments of Service. 
  4. Investigate strategies for negotiating “Owner-Architect” and “Architect-Consultant” agreements