Program Description:

Construction specifications play a critical role in setting quality and performance standards for any project. What is often overlooked is how deeply specifications intertwine with the project stakeholders’ rights and obligations, including those which extend beyond the Contract Documents and General Conditions of the Contract, such as judge-made legal doctrines like implied warranties.This program will examine the extent to which specification requirements impact the project stakeholders’ rights and obligations under their various contracts, express and implied warranty obligations, design responsibilities and state laws, all with the goal of educating specifiers about the legal ramifications of decisions such as word choice made in the process of drafting specification

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explain how Division 1 specifications interact with certain important contract terms.
  2. Identify how various parties’ warranty obligations may be impacted by construction specifications.
  3. Discuss the Spearin Doctrine – the ‘design sufficiency’ warranty made from owners to contractors.
  4. Investigate certain legal doctrines relevant to design professionals and specifiers.