While practice management software and tools have become ubiquitous, there is still a lack of education and awareness among users on how to best use practice management to unlock powerful workflows and efficiency in law firms.

One culprit of this could be our tendency to hyperfocus on specific tools at the cost of the larger structural practice management needs and processes in legal practices.

In this episode, we speak with Priyanka, the COO of Manupatra, to discuss what mindsets, workflows, tools, and utilities are critical to a law firm’s survival in today’s times. Together we explore from a helicopter view what are some of the winning strategies and best practices when it comes to law firm management.

Episode highlights

MyKase practice management solution from Manupatra

  • MyKase is a law practice management solution for law firms and legal teams launched by Manupatra. This product will be of help by centralizing the information, keeping all your data, documents, notes, agreements in a shared place and searchable anytime.

  • MyKase makes teamwork more efficient as well. You can collaborate with your team members wherever they are geographically, have real-time updates, and communicate efficiently.

  • Right now they have launched the litigation management feature, solutions for corporate legal departments, notice management platform which can be used by small law firms or even solo lawyers, and a compliance management platform is still in the development stage and planned to release next month, and a contract lifecycle management tool which will be released next year.

  • See 2:31

Leadership awareness amongst law firms

  • Leaders and managers have always been aware of the pain points that hurt the productivity of their law firm. With the technology disruption and legal tech software development, they have been conscious that they can’t go the old way, but change to a platform solution.

  • See 15:12

The need for document automation

  • One of the main pain points for lawyers is the way they work with documents. If they work in the same document, does the work gets saved in the cloud? Or should they distribute the document amongst each other and create a deep communication gap, productivity leaks, and have to put double the effort into the work? All this is almost unacceptable in the digitized world we live and that’s when document automation comes into the scene.

  • See 22:42

Process templatization for law firms

  • The first step when transitioning from the traditional workflow to digitized workflows is to understand the firm’s pain points and what this solution will solve for them.

  • The firms should define what they want to achieve with the platform, what the processes are, who is going to use it, and all the remaining workflow items in their firm.

  • See 25:04

Best practices from advanced users

  • Some of the advanced users of the products are getting the best out of the platforms by using efficiently the templates and the forms that the platform offers.

  • Another important point is the invoice filing and tracking which has helped the firms analyze their data better and improve.

  • See 35:33

The challenges with undefined processes

  • The whole point of having a process is to follow it so you can avoid productivity leaks and of course, get the best out of the platform because that’s the main tool that will help you achieve your goal.

  • If the processes are not well-defined or not defined at all, lawyers will be walking on eggshells trying to get their work done.

  • See 46:00

Solutions for the legal departments

  • The corporate legal solution has a request management feature since they get the requests from their internal departments.

  • The legal team receives the requests from a particular department in the platform’s dashboard and analyzes the legal matter, the time they will need for that, the kind of expertise they will require, etc.

  • The other party who requested it gets updated on the same platform in real-time.

  • See 54:54

Vision for the future

  • Manupatra has been and will continue to grow on the software development side, but another area that they are looking forward to growing is the sales and support department.

  • See 01:01:38


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