I recently took a look at how the number of bills that Governor Newsom signed and vetoed compared to previous years in his administration and previous governors. Today let’s look at some themes that emerged for why he vetoed the bills that he did.

The most common reason – which is not unique to Governor Newsom – was fiscal cost, which appeared in different forms. One was that the budget process should have been used for bills resulting in costs to the state. Another variation was expressing concern that the measure would create permanent impacts on the state’s general fund.

Some non-fiscal themes that Governor Newsom expressed throughout his vetoes were:

  • Would prefer state agencies work with the Legislature on a solution.
  • The bill would create confusion with existing state or federal law.
  • A state agency was/is already addressing the issue with regulations.
  • The bill would interfere with the work of an existing state agency.
  • The bill would conflict with federal law.
  • Adverse impacts on the private sector.
  • Wants further study or refinement before the particular bill should become law.
  • Vetoing a bill that he had previously vetoed.
  • The bill interferes with the collective bargaining process.

You can find the transcript of the audio in today’s post here.