The word zakhelikhaya means “Build your home” and that is exactly what the Zakhelikhaya Project is doing. According to Gareth Shepperson of M5 Bimagorsy (the Project Managers), “An applicant may easily apply for a house in selected Cashbuild stores or by scanning a QR Code or by SMS.

 There is a well-documented housing shortage in South Africa. Many people don’t know that they qualify for loans and finance but by simply completing an extremely simple online application form, people will immediately be pre-qualified for such finance and subsidies. Even if they don’t qualify, our consultants will assist the applicant in making the necessary changes in their personal financial circumstances to access funding.

 The applicant will also be asked whether they have land available or whether they would like the Project to find them a Stand.  The applicant can select a house from three different options. The houses have been designed by top South African architects, with an international reputation for excellence.  As part of the turnkey solution, the Zakhelikhaya Project will ensure that the plans are adapted to the orientation and specifics of the stand and approved by the Municipality.

Once the registrations are completed in the Deeds Office and the plans are approved, the Zakhelikhaya Project will construct the chosen house to the highest possible standards. Not only will the contractors be fully vetted but all the materials will be sourced from Cashbuild, so the quality will be there.  The project will be rolled out nationally to all Cashbuild stores (almost 300 stores in South Africa). 

There is clearly a massive opportunity for people who want to build their own home, but the Project will also benefit Local Builders (SMME’s), Developers, Estate Agents and Municipalities.  As part of the Project, M5 Bimagorsy will appoint local builders who have been fully vetted to ensure that they meet the required standard.  As the Project unfolds, training will be provided to uplift local builders to ensure that they can attain the required standard.

Developers, Estate Agents and Municipalities may add their Land to the Project database for inclusion in the Project and thereby gain access to a vast number of pre-qualified Buyers.  Properties may be listed at and are free to upload.

Shepperson says, “By simply completing an easy online application, the applicant sets the wheels in motion to receive a dream house in their chosen location, with absolutely none of the frustration usually associated with a self-build. In addition, local builders will benefit by inclusion in something much bigger than they would usually gain access to and, lastly, Developers and others may approach a vast pool of potential buyers, with access to finance. It’s a triple win! 

M5 Bimagorsy (Pty) Ltd

13 December 2021