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In a firm’s search for efficiency, the question of AI and chatbots often appears. Automating certain processes can help to keep your practice organized, however, the problems begin when bots come into contact with your clients.

Law is personal. A firm’s first task when securing a new client is to establish that they can be trusted with the client’s personal issue. This isn’t just built on your firm’s experience and reputation, but whether the client feels that you care about their case. A bot cannot build this trust – it takes real people to forge that relationship. Hubspot research has shown that 8 in 10 people would prefer to speak to a human over an AI or bot.

At best, a bot may pass on a now-frustrated potential client to a member of your team, who has to pick up the pieces of an impersonal exchange. At worst, the potential new client will just walk away. 85% of consumers have abandoned a call after reaching an auto-attendant – normally due to a lack of faith that the bot can handle their complex inquiry (Vonage, 2019). It can be hard enough getting potential new clients to take the plunge and get in touch at all!

That’s why we’re making a commitment to our clients. To Pledge People, Not Bots, and keep our service human and personal. This means your calls, messages and live chats will always be answered by real people who care about your business.

The benefits for law firms are huge.

Priority – real people help to reassure a potential client that they are your priority.
Consistency – clients want to see the same tone across all your touchpoints to get to know your firm.
Complexity – real people can handle more complex issues than bots, especially in legal intake.
Empathy – potential clients can be very sensitive to a tone that doesn’t match the situation and real people can judge the right tone to take.

LEX Reception is a legal reception service offering 24/7 call handling, legal intake, consultation scheduling, and much more. Our detailed answering service and suite of free tools let you focus on your casework, while we handle the calls and help you retain.

Our Pledge ensures that your clients will always speak to a live legal receptionist. Whether this means taking potential clients through intake on their first call, following up with a client for payment, or responding to live chats from your website visitors, it’s always handled personally and professionally. Members get 50% off their first month as a LEX client – just call our sales team on 800-800-9995 or email or click here.