In this episode of Women & Wills, Dr. Jessica Zitter, the producer and Director of the new movie, Caregiver: a love story talks about the crisis in family caregiver burden and how the movie she thought she was making, about the hospice experience of Bambi, a  59-year old woman, who decided to die at home under hospice care, became instead the story of how her husband, Rick, became her primary caregiver, and the toll it took on him.

In a verité fashion, the film takes you inside Rick’s journey as the caregiver, and highlights the issues faced by the 53 million non-professional caregivers working double-time and for free in jobs that they are completely untrained for.

If you are already a family caregiver, or are anticipating becoming one, listen to our conversation about family caregiver burden, what hospice can, and can’t do, and how to plan ahead for managing a truly difficult, but almost universal, experience.

To find out more about Caregiver: a love story, click here.

To find out more about resources for family caregivers, click here.


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