Did you know that 74% of low income American households had at least one civil legal problem last year? For too many, such legal problems like eviction, domestic violence, access to healthcare, sustenance, shelter, and safety persist without any help. In fact, this happens 92% of the time for our fellow Americans on the lower side of the income scale. Addressing this justice gap is the primary goal of the Legal Services Corporation (LSC).

In the linked episode below, LSC President Ron Flagg sits down with University of Michigan Football Head Coach Jim Harbaugh and LSC Chairman John Levi to discuss their latest ‘Justice Gap’ Report. This most recent version builds upon the related 2017 study as well as incorporates new data from COVID-19. It should come as no surprise that the pandemic disproportionately impacted low income earners. Tune in to hear the findings and how unmet civil justice needs are turning people against our institutions ⬇