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My Mortgage Company Locked My Account and I Can’t Get Mortgage Statements or Account Information. What Should I Do?

Many people opt to forgo paper mortgage statements in favor of receiving them electronically, via their lender’s system or app. However, we’re seeing many of our clients get locked out of these systems after they default, which leaves them unable to access their statements and other information.

Additionally, this loss of access also means they are unable to change their statement delivery method from digital to paper, leaving them deprived of crucial mortgage information.

As a precaution, if you know or suspect that you are about to default and are currently receiving your statements digitally, you may want to pre-emptively change your preference to paper statements in order to avoid the risk of being locked out.

If you have been locked out of your lender’s system after defaulting and are currently unable to change your mortgage statement delivery method from digital to hard copies, you should call your mortgage servicer to find out the process to get paper statements.

You can contact Ira J. Metrick, Esq. for assistance if needed.

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