Here are four tips for fathers in a child custody placement case. Being a parent in a two household family can be very difficult. Many fathers have an especially hard time with the transition. They may feel that the deck is stacked against them. But fathers need not feel that way. With some very simple tips, they can not only have success in the courtroom, but more importantly be an effective and loving parent.

  1. The first tip for a father in a child custody and placement case is to be present. Establish consistent placement times with your child. Show up for those placement times, and be engaged during your visitation. Attend your child’s school events like plays or musicals. Attend your child’s parent-teacher conferences, and show up for your child’s extracurricular activities like sports or Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. By being present for placement and events for your child, you will be an important part of their life.

  2. The second tip for a father in a child custody and placement case is to be involved. Know who your child’s teachers are and make sure they know who you are. Be sure to sign up for the child’s school newsletter and report card distribution. Know your child’s friends and their parents. And keep in contact with those individuals.

  3. The third tip for fathers in child custody and placement case is to show affection. Tell your child that you love him or her and don’t be afraid to hug your child. It doesn’t mean that you are not manly. It just means that you are a loving parent.

  4. The final tip is to co-parent to the best of your ability. Work with the other parent as well as you can. This may not be easy and will undoubtedly take some effort and patience to communicate, but the most well-adjusted children are those who have parents who get along to the best of their ability and put their child first.

Being a parent is tough. Being a father in a divorce or a two-household family is especially trying. It can become more manageable if you remember the simple tips to be present, be involved, show affection, and co-parent to the best of your ability.