The Malaysia Security Industry is an industry that provides private security guards to protect property, individuals and buildings. This industry contributes to the country’s economy directly and indirectly. Its employees are paid well and enjoy a positive work environment, including on-time payment, paid holidays, sick leave and emergency leave. The Malaysian government acknowledges the role of the security industry in protecting its citizens and ensuring the safety of people.

The MSIEA is a national awards program that recognises outstanding performance and achievement in the security industry. It also provides a platform to raise awareness about issues facing the industry, and provides an opportunity to help alleviate these challenges. Members of the association are encouraged to nominate individuals or organizations in any category, and their inputs are incorporated into the judging process.

Malaysia has a variety of cybersecurity initiatives, including a national cyber security strategy. These initiatives are aimed at addressing cybersecurity threats, strengthening Malaysia’s critical infrastructure and leveraging regional and international cooperation. This strategy outlines five strategic pillars that will foster the development of cybersecurity products in the country. It also allows companies to share their expertise and create new opportunities to grow and thrive in this growing industry.

APSA Malaysia, an association of private security companies, has undertaken several development programs that emphasize knowledge and professionalism in the industry. The organization’s members include security professionals, consultants, and security equipment suppliers. All of these organizations are dedicated to raising the bar for security services, while advancing professionalism and enhancing public trust.x

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